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Chemical Peel | Obagi | Lancaster

Chemical Peels

Chemical Peels | LancasterChemical peels remove damaged outer layers of skin on the face to smooth texture, reduce scarring, and remove blemishes and pre-cancerous growths to produce healthy, glowing skin. Peel formulas and strengths are tailored to each patient and can be combined with other procedures such as facelifts for a younger look.

  • Glycolic Acid Peel

  • Amino Fruit Acid Peel

  • Salicylic Acid Peel

  • Vitalize Peel

  • Trichloroacetic Acid Peel




This is a non-ablative skin regeneration therapy that creates micro channels just below the surface of the skin with the use of MD Pen. These channels significantly increase the production of collagen and elastin to leave the skin smoother. Four to six treatments are for optimal results.




This is a non-invasive, non-chemical method of skin resurfacing. During this procedure, a tubular hand piece will disperse a flow of fine aluminum oxide crystals on the skin causing a gantle exfoliation. At the same time, gentle suction causes increased flood flow to the curface and stimulates collagen production in the deeper layers of skin. This process will leave the skin glowing for days. To maximize results, a series of 4-8 treatments is needed.




Take time out to relax the mind, body and soul. During this treatment, the skin will undergo a deep cleansing to rid the pores of dirt and make-up. Extraction of milia and comdones help to clear clogged or compacted pores. A customized mask will be applied according to your skin type. And an Application of a moisturizer will conclude your facial. You will leave the office feeling fresh, clean and invigorated. We offer a variety of anti-aging facial treatments:

  • European Deep Cleansing Facial (all skin types; includes a face and shoulder massage; hour long treatment)

  • Firming & Lifting Vitamin C Facial (dull, dry and sallow skin)

  • Anti-Aging Facial w/ Glycolic Acid Wash (fine lines and wrinkles)

  • Deep Cleaning Mini Facial (all skin types; 45min treatment)


Other Services

  • Facial hair removal (waxing)

  • Eyebrow and eyelash tinting

  • Make-up color match


Physician Performed Services

  • Cosmetic Fillers

    • Sculptra

    • Radiesse

    • Juvéderm

    • Perlane

    • Restylane

  • Botox

  • Dysport

  • Sclerotherapy for spider veins

  • Laser hair removal

  • Vascular lesion removal via laser

  • Laser tattoo removal

  • Laser for sun/age spots

  • Lip augmentation


Advanced Skin Care Products


The Aesthetic Skin Care Center also offers a variety of products that are effective in treating numerous skin conditions. These products contain scientifically proven ingredients that aid in the reduction of fine lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, acne and dry skin. Unlike most over-the-counter products, these are effective anti-aging therapies that meet the highest pharmaceutical standards. So you can be confident that our clinicians and consultants will recommend a skin care regimen that is right for you.


Skin Care Lines

  • NeoStrata

  • Glytone

  • Topix

  • Jane Iredale Mineral Cosmetics


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